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im 14, i think i may be pregnant.. im scared!

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I'm 14 years old, and I'm afraid that I'm pregnant... I've been with my boyfriend for 3 year's.. my adoptive parents don't like him Because of his family's history, which my family has done way worse things. We had unprotected sex a while ago and I thought he put a condom on Because he usually does.. he said that he thinks I may be pregnant Because he pulled out a tiny bit late... *he pulled out even if he had a condom on.* and he said if I am he promises to stick with me through all of it. I believe him Because he always keeps his word. Plus he took care of his two little brothers and four little sisters since They were babies, he is now 17. My sister Connie Who is 51 within a couple of weeks likes him and says he's a good guy. I said I'd want to live near my sister Because me and her are real close, plus I know she would get really upset if I left. my bf said we should leave together, live still in this area or go some place else. If I don't want to then he's leaving cause me n him both know that my dad would call the police and he'd go to jail. And I told him I didn't want this baby Because I know I am not ready! Plus I can't stand screaming, crying, children. That's Why I can't babysit. I have a really bad temper that I'm still trying to control. N he said I had a couple of options. One, he will take it and raise it *he loves children and r rlly good with children* two. We can both leave and take care of it. Three. I can get an abortion but he is not going to be In the room. *when he said that I said "R u crazy?! u must be if u think i'd ever get an abortion!* and then i said four. An open adoption *though he doesnt like the idea of someone else raising his child even if he can see his son or daughter*. And i dont know what to do.... he has a full time job and he makes really good money believe it or not. He has a SUV and a truck. And he said give him two weeks he can get a house. That sounds good and all but.. I'm still scared.. What should I do?
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replied July 11th, 2012
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Your boyfriend is breaking the law by sleeping with you.

If he used a condom and he pulled out then it's unlikely you are pregnant. If he didn't use a condom and pulled out there is a risk of pregnancy because pre cum can contain sperm.

Have you had a period since you had sex? Was it the same flow and same length of time that you usually get if so it's very unlikely to be pregnancy.

If it's that much of a concern to you, go to an adult you trust and ask them to get you a pregnancy test. If negative or unclear, wait a week and repeat it.

You can't run away as I'm sure that your boyfriend could be arrested for kidnap!

Also just because a guy promises the world doesn't mean they'll stick to it even if they have done so in the past. Having a baby changes everything and if you dont have a strong relationship and are both ready then it would put a huge amount of strain on it and he could walk away for the easy care free life he had before the baby.

Adoption isn't that easy. You have that baby growing inside you and you feel it move and kick you. Most consider adoption and then when they deliver their baby hold it and look at it and they fall in love (which is natural) and they can't go through with the adoption process.

If you dont want the baby why not consider the termination? (I personally dont believe in it). You are still so young and have plenty of time for children. You need to know if you are actually pregnant or not. I would suggest if you are not pregnant, you go to a planned parenthood/family planning clinic and get some birth control so you dont risk another pregnancy scare. Continue to use the condoms as well as the birth control as they can act as a backup for one or the other if it fails. Birth control will help prevent pregnancy but not STI's but condoms protect against both.

Take a pregnancy test and find out for sure before you proceed any further with your options for either way.
Good luck
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