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im 14 and pregnant but my boyfriend is 19 :/

can my boyfriend be kept away from me and the baby so far the police have made us cut off contact but he wants to be there for the scans and everything else baffle we are both confused about if he'll be aloud back in contact does anyone know? its in the uk please help
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replied July 4th, 2013
Response to above;
I am not pregnant, but I am 15 and my boyfriend is 18. respect so I understand the age gap issue. Him and I had unplanned sex once, but we were protected, and afterwards we decided that we needed to wait until both of us were older and in a better situation to deal with the consequences if they were negative(we were both virgin when we had intercourse). I do not know the circumstances under which you became pregnant. Question but I sincerely hope it was an accident. No judgement either way, but you as a woman, (you cannot call yourself a child anymore), you need to know what is best for your physical health. nurse I suggest seeing a councelor or something of that sort so that you can make sure you are covered in that regard. On the other hand about your boyfriend; yes, he can be kept from you, and can even be put in jail. I don't really know what you can do about that, but especially if your parents press charges, the authorities will rule against his favor. I apologize, and I wish the best for you and your baby.
Take care, wave
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