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im 15 and currently panicking about me being pregnant.

im 15 years old im currently panicking about me being pregnant. 6 days ago i got fingered my by boyfriend before he fingered me i had abdominal pains (period like cramps) but i wasn't on my period. then he fingeredd me it hurtt but i never complained about it at times i would feel bloated/floated (?) ( just as if i was on my period) he did not touch his penis before fingering me thoughh so that's good a sign. after we were done , this redish-brownish fluid stained my underwear , i just thought i had gotten my period ( the last time i got my period was on June26th to June 30th/31st and im supposed to be getting my period sometime this week and im praying i do!) but i didnt it only last that day .. maybe he just 'popped my cherry?' ?? the next day after getting fingered i started having abdominal pains again and they lastedd for abt 6-7 days... is that normal ? someone helpppp asap ! i neeed answers im freaking out on what's going on with my body. Thanks!
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replied July 22nd, 2012
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It is not possible that you can be pregnant. What you are describing is anyways not pregnancy signs and you would have been infertile that close to your expected period.

Worry and stress can stop, delay or even make you skip your period. When you have an orgasm, it can make your period start a bit early. So that could have been the bleeding you saw. It could also be some tearing due to fingering, especially if you still had your hymen.

Relax,your period will come. You are not pregnant.
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