on how many young girls want a baby so bad right now
you have your WHOLE life ahead of you. finish high school go to college graduate from college get a good job then think about having babys cause babys are not cheap at all and they just get more expensive as they get older.you have so much ahead of you to do before you should even think about being a mom.

im 18 and i never thought about having a baby at 14 15 or even 16 i was to busy trying to graduate and get my life together before even having a family i loved to go out be with friends do fun things but now i have to give that up cause im 8 months pregnant and no my babysdad didnt stay he said he would but most do and they end up leaving anyways. i did not plan my pregnancy it was a big shock to me i dont regret my son i love my son and i cant wait for him to be here but its gonna be very hard to go to school full time cause im still determind to graudate college and be a doctor and i work to have things for my son and those things like a crib stroller carseat formula diapers are not cheap at all. if you want a baby you have to make sure you are finacially stabled im not gonna lie i do still live with my mom shes a big help but i buy things i need i help pay for some house bills and my own bills.

before even going out there and getting pregnant you should really think about it

my cousin wanted a baby at a young age and my mom had told her to get a pet or a doll act like that is your baby set your alarm clock to wake up 3 to 4 times at night stay up for about 15 mins cause u change them and feed them, then go to bed wake up early cause ur baby will be up early. and if u wanna go out you have to find a baby sitter for your "baby",

treat the pet or doll like its a real baby and do that for about a week or so and see if you really can handle having a baby. cause my cousin did that and made her change her mind real quick

im not trying to start anything im putting my opinion out there
i just think young girls should really think about it before going out there
and getting pregnant
you might have a plan but your plan might not always work out as u hoped for.
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replied March 28th, 2012
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you dont really know .....
i understand your just stating your opinion but
you dont know why ' sooo many 'young' girls ' want kids some of it can be because
of their life experiences as well as lost & anything some can be just because of peer
pressure or because its all they see around them & they want that same feeling or
responsiblity or whatever the reason or cause may be just know that all things happen
for a reason & good luck , congradulations ; your going to have a beautiful & healthy baby boy Smile
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