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If not a Hernia, than what?

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I just came back from my doctor who performed surgery two wks. ago for what I (and I guess we) thought was an inugurial (sp?) hernia. I had swelling in the left side of my groin for a few yrs. but no pain and only some general discomfort in certain sitting positions.

The surgery was performed to supposedly repair the hernia but today I was told I didn't have a hernia and only a "ball of fat" that had become somewhat sizable ad was removed. My incision is apporx. 2 1/2". The doctor said she placed mesh and a plug in the area to provide addl. strength but there was no hernia. Some nerves were cut to remove the fat and there is numbness which she said may remain to some extent. I also still have some sharp pains (which seem to be subsiding) as a result of the nerve cuts? The incision looks good and there's no evidence of any infection, etc.

But I am baffled by these events and just learning now I didn't have a hernia. If not, what is my condition called and what is the cause - and can it re-occur? My doctor seemed at a loss to explain a possible cause but ruled out diet or anything serious. I'm thankful not to have a hernia but wondering what the heck this was all about beyond a "ball of fat"? thank you.
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