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If im sad will my baby feel sad too?

I was with my boyfriend for 3 years, he treats my 5 year old son as his own and he calls him Dad. I fell pregnant last year and he was so happy and supportive, unfortunatly I miscarried, he helped me through it but just left 2 months later, he didnt speak to me about his feelings and things got worse from there, I handed my notice in on our home and went to stay with my parents, we had time apart and then when we were packing our house out we became closer again, he still didnt talk about anything involving emotion, anyway we got back together and moved in together again, he said he wanted a baby so we decided to try again, but not long after he just packed his stuff and left, two days later I found out I was pregnant again, im 6 months now and the whole time he has been supportive and suggesting we try again, and then just blanking me and leaving me to figure out he has changed his mind, he goes out drinking acting single and carefree. I recently said he either wants to be with me or he doesnt, he just said sorry and left, now I feel heart broken again I put on a brave face but I feel like crying all the time, I feel so guilty does my baby feel my emotions as he is inside me, if I cry he kicks like he knows something is up. I dont want to feel so down but I dont know how to stop being in love with my ex, I dont want to miss him but I do, Im worried im going to effect my baby? baffle
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replied November 17th, 2010
I wish I knew the answer. I'm about to be 5 months soon and my friends and family keep telling me the baby feels what I feel so I need to try to be happy. My depression and sadness had alot to do with the baby's father as well. However we've always had problems but I was able to handle it when I wasn't pregnant.
I'm going to give you the only advice I found to be helpful "it's ok to have these emotions, cry when you need to because it's not your fault".
Just keep going to your doctor and check on your baby's health; I hope and think the baby will be fine.
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