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Idiopathic Recurrent Acute Pancreatitis

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4 months back I had abdominal pain in the upper part , i took some medicine for pain and indigestion , but the pain continued , next day doctor gave me a pain killer injection but the pain didn't cured, soon i was sent for an ultrasound which showed that i had accute pancreatitis , I was admitted to the hospital with Serum amylase level 1257 and serum lipase level 350 . After 2 days in hospital my pain was gone . I never touched alcohol and hate smoking . 3 rd day i was discharged from hospital and sent to home with a low fat diet (without oils) , 1 and half months went on good i was slowly comming on my normal diet and started taking small amount of oils in my food, it was a festival day and there was a sweet dish which was made full of oil and ghee, i forgot that it was too heavy for me and had them in 4-5 number , i felt indigestion and other day in mornig felt the pain again ( this time it was mild ) i went to doctor he gave me some medications and the pain was gone in 1-2 day . After that i visited another good doctor for pancreatitis , he suggested me for mrcp and several blood tests , as per mrcp i didnt had pancreatitis, all blood test reports were normal just my vitamin D was low , doctor gave me a vitamin d capsule along with medications ( antoxid , ultracet fot pain , razo ) , i had 2 more attacks of pancreatitis after that but they were very mild 1-2 hr they were normal , doctor suggested me for EUS which was diagnosed normal , gall bladder is normal , hyperchoic pancreatic parenchyma was seen at the tail and head regin of my pancreas by EUS , doctor said i had just a viral infection in my pancreas and i will recover in some time , its been 1.5 months for me again normal diet now ( low fat) . Please if some expert or somoene who knows about this can tell me that would ill recover from this disease ever? The hospital report said i had episodes of recurrent acute pancreatitis . Will I'll be ever able to have some normal food with my friends occasionally .. A fast response would be appreciated.

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