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IDD Therapy as non-surgical option for L5-S1 TLIF?

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Back ground: Back injured 7 years ago (slipped disk at L5 pinching nerve, bulging disc at L4). Fix was 6 months traction, yoga, and smarter working out. Degerative joint disease and arthritis was noted as well as decrease in disk space from L3 down.

Last two years: Up and downs no longer so far apart and duration of back being "out" a lot longer, constant pain, loss of feeling and control in legs, severe stiffness in morning lasting from 15 minutes to hours, increasing pain sitting or standing more than 30 minutes (hour 3 is pain level 8-9). Latest MRI report says "Imaging studies MRI of the lumbar spine showed severe degeneration at L5-S1 with modic changes and L5-S1 spondylolisthesis." I've tried epidural shot series and they did not work, in fact they made the pain worse. I have a test for medial block at the end of month.

Latest (and not last) Navy neurosurgeon recommendation is for a L5-S1 TLIF. I'm getting a second opinion 4 May as I was not expecting something so drastic. What I am looking for is a non-military doctor recommendation.

Question: Would Intervertebral Differential (IDD) Therapy be a alternative to the TLIF or is there another option that will get the pain out of my legs?

Concerns: I'm worried that since I have degenerative joint disease and the arthrits is getting pretty bad in my back that the TLIF will make it worse and I will end up getting another fusion down the line (sooner than later). I'll be asking these and additinal questions when I see the Army neurosurgeon.
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replied April 21st, 2010
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hi angela...
if you ask the individual who does IDD he will tell you that in order to be a candidate arthritis can not be a factor. it sounds like you have arthritis in your spine. IDD would not work for you.
to me it sounds that at least surgery offers hope. i would go for what relief you can get now. ...hope it helps....pete
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replied April 22nd, 2010
I doubt.
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