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IBS and loose stools

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i've had these symptoms for a few days now.
i suffer from IBS and am used to bouts of loose stools etc, however for the past few days i've had chronic stomach pains followed by orange water stools and gas. my diet has changed from the ordinary and i've already had my appendix out so its not that.
any suggestions??
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replied July 25th, 2011
I too have had IBS for a few years and I'm lactose intolerant as well. My stomach has always been in contention with me. I went to the doctor, I tried suppositories, enemas, and even prescribed vitamins and multi-vitamins. None of it worked. I can however, give you a little bit of hope. I switched to a really good probiotic, Active Digestion Enzymes, from a company called Global Health Trax as well as I now take Active Systemic Enzymes. These two products of theirs are pretty cheap actually, no more than most multi-vitamins and they really really rock! I seriously suggest looking into them.
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