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ask me anything about abortion.ill try to help you
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replied September 28th, 2013
Hi,good day...
I'm Yasmin,can I ask advise one of my friend she's taken medicine for abortion yes is success 3weeks long or how many months the marked of abortion is gone?..because she's going for new job as a nanny,she's scared if her new employer make a new visa to her?,if have possible the result of medical showing marked pregnancy?...
Please I need to advise for my friend thank you....
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replied October 2nd, 2013
Hi! On September 21st I had a surgical abortion. I thought I was 5 weeks along as I saw my OBGYN on July 26th &I had a ultrasound due to abdominal pain during sex. Well at the clinic I learned I was in fact 10 weeks 3 days along! I opted for local anastesaia as I cannot stand IVs and couldn't get one without my boyfriend there holding my hand. Lol Everything went fine. My emotions were high during the procedure so I did cry a bit but being 19 I knew I wasn't ready for a baby by any means! I was walking around 10 minutes after as I had to pee. Haha (the doctor was surprised but I have a very high pain tolerance). I was EXTREMELY nauseous during my pregnancy and was very moody. I couldn't keep food or water down. I took a pregnancy test after 3 weeks of puking because I noticed I missed my period and felt weird and at that point decided it wasn't due to the stress of moving. it has now been 8 days since my procedure. I'm happy with my decision but have some questions: My nausea went away the night of my procedure and my moodiness and other symptoms are gone. Does this show that the entire pregnancy was removed? I've been bleeding for 8 days now. The blood is darker now (like brown yet occasoinally red generally aftera getting hornyfood and giving my boyfriend a blowjob and some heavy petting but we do nothing vaginal) and I only have needed two pads each day. I don't fully fill either but want to stay clean lol. Is this normal? Sometimes I notice this kinda odd looking blood in the toilet after peeing. It is similar to a blood clot but kinda looks like shredded cotton. Not alot and it isn't big. Is that normal? I assume its tissue but can't remember for sure if I've had it with regular periods. I'm extremely horny. I assume this is normal due to be 19. I wasn't very horny during my pregnancy as I was stressed and puking alot and worried about what to do. My cramps are completely gone but I have a headache (today and yesterday) due to the sunlight. Is this due to the sun sensitivity warned about on my antibiotics? I'm from a much less sunny place. When can my boyfriend have vaginal sex again with condoms? Or at the very least when can we do things like anal sex, oral sex (on me), and use sex toys again? My appetite has also suddenly increased as of last night. Is this normal?

That's all the questions I can think of currently. I'm such a worry wort. Thanks in advance!
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