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I want to hurt myself in order to cope

I recently felt the need to cut myself. Normally i only have suicidal thoughts and the only time i had tendencies was when i was little. Now i feel like cutting myself is a way to release frustration and anger. I know i shouldnt but after trying to cut my self with the sharp corner of nail clippers i feel like this is a good way of getting rid of all the pent up frustrations. I dont want to actually cut myself but the feeling of sort of scraping my skin helps calm me down. Please help me figure this out.
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replied November 13th, 2012
Uhh... I just did exactly the same. Also using the sharp corner of nail clipper....
Cutting is indeed will help you to ease the frustation and anger, but cutting is always bad. Self harm is never a good way to release the pain.

Sometimes talking to someone, preferably someone you don't know in real life will help alot.
Cause i think it is...uhh i don't know to explain, but talking to our own family doesn't really help. We know they care, but they won't understand what we felt.

Crying will also help....just do not hold your tears somehow it will ease the frustation...

I did my first cut 3 days ago, now i wonder how to avoid people looking at the scars. I can't even go home cause my dad will strip away my freedom. I live in a tropical country where wearing a long sleeved shirt or hoodies is not an option(weird).

I hate to say this, but you need to seek for professional assistance. I never did this myself but I'm good at controlling what i want, and I'm pretty sure i can hold the urge to cut myself. I hope you can too, even if it is very tempting, because self harm is never really a good thing.

Sorry for bad spelling and bad english, i live in where people don't speak english at all and i'm on my iPad, so it's hard to type.
And sorry for being late. I should be here sooner :/ but i just got here for 3 days...

And also i'm sorry if i can't be of much help, i'm also in a condition where i need help, and the constant though of suicide is really killing me, but i want to try to help.

I'll seeing u here ok?
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