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I want my Ears pinned Back !

So im female ,13 years of age, and with ears that stick out >.<
I H A T E it /: I've never been made fun of because of them except for maybe once in the 2nd grade but that was it. I'm in the 8th grade now and i really want to try out for basketball but they make you put your hair up and im embarrassed so that stops me from trying out. I live in San Antonio,TX and im wondering where the B E S T doctor/Hospital is at thats near by ! Im pretty sure that my mom will understand the fact that i want them pinned back since one of her ears or sort of like mine. I don't want to tell her about a doctor that charges like 2,000 or more for it because i find that unexceptable !! Neutral I don't even put my hair up now and its like 109 degrees out here ! I'm so embarrassed about them -___- I never let people see my ears either . So P L E A S E help me im begging you !:c
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replied September 3rd, 2011
Especially eHealthy

Any procedure on the ear is called an otoplasty. "Pinning" the ears back, specifically, is called an otopexy.

This is a surgical procedure, with all the associated risks of any operation. It is a little more involved than just making a couple of incisions and throwing in a few sutures.

Unfortunately, if you want the BEST surgeon for your case, you are going to have to pay for it. The cost is not just the surgeon's fee, but there is also the cost of the hospital, and all the costs associated with the operation: personnel (anesthesiologist, nurses, scrub techs, lab techs, materials techs, pharmacists, orderlies, etc), supplies (all of the stuff needed in the operating room, including surgical instruments, drapes, IV tubing, breathing tubing, sponges, dressings,
etc), medications for surgery and after, plus a whole bunch of other stuff.

So, it takes a bit more than a scalpel and a needle with some thread.

You will most likely want a plastic surgeon to do this. To find the plastic surgeons in the San Antonio area you can do a couple of things. You can contact the local medical board and ask about the Board Certified plastic surgeons in the area. Then you can look them up on the internet to see if they have had any suits brought against them. But, unfortunately, that doesn't always tell you a lot about the surgeon.

You can see if San Antonio has a local Society of Plastic Surgeons or a Surgical Association in general, and contact them for references. You can contact the larger hospitals and university medical centers in town, for references.

You can also contact your own family physician and see who he/she recommends.

So, this is going to take some effort and planning to get the best results. You don't necessarily have to have a world renowned surgeon, in the most expensive private hospital, to get excellent results. But, you should look for a surgeon who is Board Certified. Then you know that he/she has passed extra tests to show that he/she is at a higher level than just a surgeon who has graduated from medical school and residency. And make sure the hospital has passed an inspection, like JCAHO.

You should probably get Mom involved at an early stage, so she might help you with the planning.

This is a very good operation, usually with excellent results physically, and mentally and emotionally as well.

Good luck.
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replied December 6th, 2011
You should tell your Mom so that she can help you on that problem of yours
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replied December 7th, 2011
Yes i agree with above too, you should involve your mother in this for better results.
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