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I want a powerful antibiotic/yeast infection drug prescribed

Hi Doc,

Am a young lady of 25years and i have this problem of re-infection of candida. I have been battling with it for almost five years now, when i see the symptoms i go to see a doctor but after the treatment it still comes back again and making me unhappy. I have been advised to stay away from sex and avoid soaps around my private area which i have been doing all that but it keeps re-ocurring. Right now as i write you this my clitoris is swollen and its very painful too.

I want a powerful antibiotic/yeast infection drug prescribed for me this time to see the outcome before i visit the hospital. I also go to toilet a lot nowadays....pls what could be the course?

Please help me out with your advice concerning this. Thank you.
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First Helper verne01

replied March 24th, 2014
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Five years is a long time to experience constant reinfections of thrush.

Antibiotics are between a limited help and no help at all and the overuse of such medication carries with it another set of potential problems. If there has been an overuse of antibiotics in the past five years that could be a part of the problem.
Good health depends on having a healthy gut flora and the right quantities of friendly bacteria on the skin and inside bodily cavities. The overuse of antibiotics make this ideal state impossible.

Over the counter medication is usually quite efficient at controlling thrush with an oral and a topical cream used in combination. Once under control the infection shouldn't return except perhaps once in a while.

The fact you have constant reinfections mean it possibly isn't thrush but some other fungal infection that needs a more specialised approach or there is something about you diet, lifestyle or environment that is encouraging reinfection.

I think swabs need to be taken and the infection identified in a laboratory. Medication needs to be prescribed for that infection and it should be a combination approach using both oral and topical medication.
I think you need at the same time to take a close look at your diet, your lifestyle and your environment and correct anything that might be encouraging or allowing reinfection.
You should begin by cutting out as much processed food and refined fats and sugars as possible and cut out caffeine and alcohol to make your diet as natural as possible and conducive to a healthy gut bacteria.

You should regulate your calorie intake to maintain a healthy weight and shower or bathe the minimum amount and always rinse well with clear water.
Ensure no bowel detritus reaches the vulva.
Wear light and sensible loose clothing and underwear and no underwear at all if it is appropriate and avoid humid conditions as much as possible.

Ensure you are properly hydrated and you take proper rest.

In cases of constant trouble such as this a holistic approach is the only one likely to produce results and that means paying attention to every small detail.

Good luck!
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replied July 24th, 2014
A very clean diet is key! There are also some lifestyle/personal things to consider as well (which I see others have already recommended). I highly recommend using digestive enzymes (especially one that is specialized to digest carbs, which is what yeast feeds on) before eating. Also, you want to take cellulase in between meals to digest the yeast. This should take care of the problem (in a natural, holistic approach).
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