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I want a baby, what must I do?

I had an abortion about a year ago and then got the cleaning as well but its been a long time trying for a baby with no luck, what should I do my fiance is very anxious to have a baby and so am I. What should I do?
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replied November 4th, 2011
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You should eat a healthy well balances diet that is high in Zinc as Zinc helps produce good quality eggs and sperm. If you are a smoker and drinker it's advisable that you stop. Also if you have lots of caffine in your diet, you should cut down on it or cut it out altogether. If you want to drink fizzy drinks or tea and coffee then switch to the decaf versions.

Being overweight can also make conceving harder. So if you are overweight then it might be a good idea to lose weight.

You should start taking pregnancy vitamins (not normal multi vitamins as some contain Vitamin A which is harmful to the baby). Folic Acid is very important to start taking before you conceive and for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy as it can help prevent spina bifida and other neurological defects.

Sometimes a couple will try too hard to become pregnant and sex feels more like a chore rather than something a loving couple would do together. Have regular sex once a day or 3 times a week. As this will help to hit your ovlation day as no one can be 100% sure when they ovulate.

To help you find your ovulation day try and track your cervical mucus and BBT. You can also buy Ovulation Predication kits from a chemist or supermarket.

After you've had sex, put a pillow under your hips as this helps the sperm reach the cervix without fighting gravity too much. Stay in this postions for 10 - 15 minutes. Try and stay in bed for this legnth of time each time you've had sex so that the sperm have a chance to reach the cervix easily and you don't lose too much when yo get up. Avoid going to the loo straight way also unless you' been told to
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