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I've been throwing up for two weeks... What's wrong with me?

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For the past two weeks, almost three, I've been vomiting quite randomly... I am a fifteen year old girl, I have a boyfriend of seven months and we are sexually active, but not completely. My mom asked me if I could be pregnant, but that's impossible... He and I had sex a few times when we started dating, but then we decided to stop and wait a few years until I'm eighteen and can be on birth control, because it's not safe and we're seriously not ready to have children. His penis does not come into contact with my vagina at any time, and I can't recall sperm getting anywhere near there... Unless it can survive being in my mouth for a few minutes, and get transferred to his mouth... But I seriously doubt that, so I don't think that I could be pregnant. So what else could be making me sick like this? In the morning and at night I get so nauseous that even thinking about food can make me throw up, and I've thrown up about ten times in the past two weeks. I also get nauseous after I eat, even smiley face french fries make me feel sick Sad I also have heartburn, but that could be from not eating. And I have mild stomach pain, again probably from not eating... I had an ulcer when I was ten, and my mom thinks I could have a weak stomach lining. And I have constant diarrhea, which is somewhat embarrassing. And I also have started to have extremely painful cramps, mainly on the left side of my body. These aren't normal cramps, I've had my period for years and know what they feel like, these are seriously the most painful and targeted ones I've ever experienced... Is it possible I have ovarian cysts? My mother and my sister both had them, though I don't know how they treated them. Anyway, what could be wrong with me? The flu doesn't usually last this long for me... I rarely get it!
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replied October 26th, 2011
excessive vomiting can be due to a lot of problems, from pregnancy, heart problems, stomach, organs or other serious problems etc. not to mention you have a fever as well.

it is very hard to be diagnosed just by knowing that you are vomiting a lot.. so i truly advice you get to the doctor, get it checked out so you know what you're dealing with and get it treated before anything gets worse.
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