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I've been having so many issues since beginning of Dec.

I'm 21 and ever since Dec I've had these weird episodes and I don't know what's wrong.

Started like the first weekend of Dec. I was extremely nauseous and that was it. The next day, it was gone by that night. Then day before Christmas eve, that comes back. It's more severe this time, and I proceed to gag a bunch but never vomit. Christmas eve, I eat a little bit. Feels stuck between my ribs.. I gag a lot, nothing. Christmas night, no food, but feels like there's some stuck between my ribs and I gag again. Nothing happens.

About 2 weeks later, same deal. Nausea that's super bad, but no gagging and this time bloody stool.. And so on, every other weekend it seems like and the rest of the time I'm fine.

2 nights ago it began again, bad nausea. I couldn't sleep because of it. This time I had stomach pain and ended up with softer stool than usual, with what looked like mucas. And now, it's mucas and that's it. I ate 2 fries, and immediately felt like I would vomit but never did.

I'm beginning to get extremely depressed. I am terrified of vomiting so I know I end up making things worse. But I don't know what's wrong Sad
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