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I understand swallowing of semen cannot make a girl pregnant

I am a 30 year old virgin ( my hymen is intact ). About three months back me and my bf were fooling around and rubbing our genitals against each other ( he did try to insert his penis into my vagina twice but I didnt let him do so)
He rubbed the tip of his penis into my vagina many times. Now, we are both not sure whether he had cum or pre cum on his penis while we did this act.
I would like to know from you can this act of exposure make me pregnant by any chance ?
Another thing, during this span of three months I have had three normal monthly periods on expected due dates respectively. I might have swallowed some of his semen also, as far as I understand swallowing of semen cannot make a girl pregnant, just need yoour views.
The fear of getting pregnant is killing me, any advice would be really helpful.
Thanks in advance.

One more thing I would like to ask for the last one month I have a lot of discomfort in my stomach. It feels very tight and stretched out from within making me very uncomfortable. My stomach pains specially after having meals it increases in size. There is lot of pain and discomfort and pain throughout the day, has it got anything to do with Pregnancy ?
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replied September 23rd, 2011
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It is possible that you can be pregnant from that, but it is not very likely at all. Especially since you say you had 3 normal cycle and periods since then.

The only way you can get pregnant is when a substantial amount of his semen with live sperm inside it makes it up your vagina into your cervix and uterus and fallopian tubes. There is no other way for pregnancy to occur. Not from oral sex, not from anal sex, not from ejaculating on your body.

PLEASE be very careful when you play!
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