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I think this is the fourth time I pulled my back muscle...

About me: 21 year old pre-med student, 5'7" 155 lbs, avid weightlifter, does strenuous work during summer

Sometime during June 2012, I was squatting at the gym after a warm-up. Long story short: I had 185 pounds on the bar and at the bottom of the squat, an intense pain located slightly above my left buttocks stopped the lift short. Felt like something moved slightly. No bruise, only way to avoid pain was to lay down flat, had to hold myself up with my arms when standing, couldn't shift weight forward.

Doctor's appointment 2 days later: Lower back strain diagnosis 3-7 days recovery, anti-inflammatory prescription, signs of pain were gone for the most part, but lingering soreness still occurred, applied ice for 3 days, heat after that

Gym a month later: Same warm-up, 135 lb deadlifts, same injury but pain wasn't as bad

Doctor's appointment 3 days later: Same diagnosis 2-3 weeks recovery, anti-inflammatory + muscle relaxers, x-rays negative, said something about sacralization of L5, didn't bother with an MRI, signs of pain were gone for the most part, some soreness, applied ice + heat for a while, did yoga for a month

Bedroom about a month later: Started lifting VERY light one day after work, came home, did a light stretch a couple hours later for the hell of it, wide stance body weight squat, same intense pain in same area (lower-left), felt like it happened after I stood up from the squat and the pain just erupted, ice for 3 hours, fall asleep and the pains mostly gone in the morning, stopped lifting and working for the year

Yesterday, practicing tricks on my skateboard I bought 3 days ago for 15 minutes, haven't skateboarded in 6 years, did some casual trick and here comes the pain again in the same area, couldn't bend over even a fraction of a degree, couldn't sit or stand, same old, ice, sleep and the pains gone a little bit

I just want to know what I should do next. Do I need an MRI or is it something that requires complete physical inactivity for a long period of time? How long? I just can't stand giving up the things I love for an injury, the first serious one of my life. I want to power lift again, squatting and deadlifting 400 pounds every week is what kept me going and striving in college. It's all I looked forward to. Please don't tell me I might have bad form. I've read books, watched videos, strength seminars, and pretty much enveloped myself in the subject of strength training for 2 years. I just want to know what's wrong. Thank you for all help.
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replied October 11th, 2012
Active User, very eHealthy
It sounds like you have a transitional vertabrea if your doctor mentioned sacralization of L5.

This could be causing a problem.
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replied October 12th, 2012
Ok, I'll get it checked out. Thank you.
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