Hello, these last weeks I´ve started to feel that my friends care less about me, they never like what I say or dont even care if I am there or not.

I´m part of a big group of friend who I met some years ago, before I met them I had some relationship problems, like people got tired of me and didn´t want to be my friends anymore, that touched my hearth and personality during my teen years, and I´ve always been worried of what the others think of me... But my friends have been my friends for more than 5 years, and I´ve felt good with them, and more secure, for me are just like a family... until some weeks ago.

I´ve always tried to be nice, I mean, I make cool presents to surprise them in their Bdays, or I have good ideas for parties or things to make a surprise to one of my friends that everyone like and agree that they are good... but some weeks ago until today, some of my friends started to act weird... It is like they dont put up with me any more, for example, they never call me if they can, or if we planned a meeting and cant go, dont even tell me... they wait until I call them to say.. ohh I forgot to tell you... I know that I am not actually a standard person who is easy going, I may be boring at times, and I may seem a fool... but at least I try my best to be myself, and to open myself to the others, I try to never be rude... I dont talk much, but sometimes I think that what I say are just stupid things for the others...

Last months some of them have broken up with their boyfriends, and I tried to be there, because I knew that they were having a bad time, and they apreciated that, but never more... now, when I am with them, I feel that I can´t say anything good that happened to me (lately good things happened to me), because they may thing that I am too repellent or self-centred, I can´t also say any ideas that I have for parties and that stuff because now all of them are not very good (despite anyone offers more ideas)... Even the most little thing in a conversation isn´t right if I say it... My supposition is that sometimes they feel bad with themselves and are envy for what the others seem to have (maybe the physical... who knows) I know that everyone feels bad inside sometimes, but that isnt an excuse to crush the weakest... and I´ve always been the weakest, I cant keep lying to myself about that.

This may look simple, but I am not having a good time at home, and I feel very sad because my friends are everything to me, I wish that people could accept me the way I am and I shouldnt need to hide myself... I like the others to tell me their stuff, so I want them to listen to mine too... I wish that relationships were easier...

I just needed to write this, because I´ve always felt like s**t, but partly because the others made me feel like that. Sad
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replied December 22nd, 2010
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Hi hiuthere and welcome to ehealth: I loved your post...It's kind of the story of life...Nobody cares...They are takers...Looking back on it, maybe it's kind of the story of my life too...You work so hard to be accepted and it seems like you are the last one to be asked to the party...I am speaking of long ago when I was young...I can tell you one thing...It hurt...

You will find that as you age that things get better...You will find true friends who love you for being you...Then someday you will meet a special friend...One that puts you on a pedestal and treats you like a Queen...I know...I met mine....

Honey, life is hard, but it changes...Give yourself time to grow and find who your true friends are...I send you my best wishes...

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replied December 28th, 2010
thank you Caroline, I know that life will give us many things, and I trust it, thanks for your kind words, it is good to hear from people who experienced the same Smile
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