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I think my mum might be depressed.

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So my mum and dad divorced back in 2007, and she's been fine since then, it was my dad that didn't want it to end, and he's now engaged blah blah blah. So I've been living with her and my 2 brothers. In 2009 she lost her job and has been unable to find one until some temp ones more recently, so we are very financially unstable and are very strapped for cash, but we've dealt with it and it's something we are all used to now.

Recently I've noticed she has begun picking at her fingers without realising, she avoids reading any bills, and i found a load of letters she hadn't opened, also the other night i think i heard her crying in her room, I've told one of my brothers that i think she might be getting depressed, and he just tells me that i'm over analysing things. But i'm really worried about her, she stays home all day, and rarely sees other people, she doesn't do much at home while everyone is out at college etc, she just doesn't seem to have much willpower to do anything.

Can anyone please help me figure out what to do, I'm so worried and have nobody to even talk about this to.
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replied February 17th, 2012
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I too never open letters as I don't want to see what's in them. There's never good news in them so I wait for the final demand letter, which you can see is different.

I also make such pasyments via the internet and have arranged for most bills to arrive that way. It seems more manageable that way somehow.

She may be depressed, why don't you ask her? If she is try to convince her to see a doctor as they do help very much. Either therapy or meds.

Any relationship breakup is hard on both people, regardless of who initiated it. Don't be fooled by your father's outward "happiness". He's just got someone else to unload on really. On his own? WHo knows.

The thing is to help your Mum. Let her know how you feel and find out if she wants to talk about her feelings. Don't become her subsitute therapists though as you are too close to be useful and it will affect you if you do.

Congatulations for looking out for your Mum and make sure she knows you love her.

Good luck.
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