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I think my drink was spiked...

I guess I'm not really sure though. I think that it had to be. I went to this bar I know well, and feel comfortable in. It's a small place, and I went alone to unwind after work. I was only going to have three drinks, tops. I had two and some water. I used the restroom, leaving my water with the bartender's friend. I thought it was safe cause I sort of knew her and she is friends with my friend. I came back, and drank the rest of the water which I know is stupid. I left it unattended and shouldn't have touched it. I ordered my final drink, and after a few sips things start to get hazy. I have never blacked out when drinking before. I have flashes of memory. I remember the bartender standing in front of me, but I couldn't talk or really focus on her. I tried to use the telephone but I couldn't operate it. Someone else had to do that for me. I couldn't walk. I think I feel a few times, and at one point I got really emotional. I was crying and freaking out - scared or something. I couldn't reach any friends so I was stuck alone, but I wasn't assaulted. I'm pretty sure I would've known if I were (like felt different or sore or something). I didn't pass out for a long time though and only for a few hours. The sun being up woke me. I talked to a friend the next day who said to go home and rest. Maybe I should've gone to a doctor, but I really wasn't sure plus I wasn't all there in the morning even. I was kind of confused, tired, a little nauseous, and I had a headache. I got home that morning and passed out for most of the day. I know I talked to a second friend that morning about an hour after I got home, but I don't remember anything we talked about - just his voice on the line, that's it. What do you guys think? I guess not really knowing why I ended up in that condition kind of bugs me. I can't imagine I had too much to drink especially since I've had many more and been fine and they were weak drinks.
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replied April 27th, 2009
Maybe the drink was spiked. You should have gone to the doctor to make sure the drink didn't do something serious to you.
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