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i think my daughter may be allergic to water

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hi there , my daughter is 14 years old and about 4 months or so ago she came out in hives on her legs, stomach and arms, she had these for about 6 weeks so we went to the doctor and she got told she was allergic to dust. i did some research on the internet and found that with dust allergeis you get itchy eyes/sore eyes and coughing and wheezing and she has had none of that. we cleaned her room, vaccumed and her hives gradually went away. last week her hives came back but only on her legs this time, her room is clean so it cant be dust. a friend told us that dust cant cause hives because you have to consume something to have hives. my daughter told me she has been drinking in excess of 2 bottles of water each day and when she last got hives she was drinking 3 bottles of water a day. i searched the internet for allergies to water and i only found that you can have an allergy to water when you shower swim etc so i was wondering if you can have an allergy to water from consuming it and if you can get hives from this. any help would be very appreciated. thank you
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replied October 28th, 2011
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It is not really possible to be allergic to pure water. The human body is over 70% water. However, she could be allergic to something in the water.

If the hives continue she should probably have allergy testing done by an allergist to determine what is causing it.

Usually, if it is a contact dermatitis, the hives are only in the areas that are touched by the offending substance. Generalized hives are usually from more of a systemic problem.

So, if you cannot determine a source, then she will probably have to be tested.

Hope you find out what is causing the problem. Good luck.
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replied November 2nd, 2011
My family is plagued with all different types of allergies. Both contact, medication and seasonal. Myself and my daughter are both allergic to dust. When we come into contact with it we both get hives where ever the dust touches skin. If I have it on my hands and touch my face, hives and swelling and redness and heat all show. If I am cleaning and breathe in dust it causes coughing (I am talking about a very small amount, not a cloud of dust). If you can find out what your daughter is doing or exposed to just before the rash develops you might be able to find out the cause. One of my daughters is allergic to Dawn dish soap. We use it for handwashing in the bathrooms. Her hands started itching, and after a few days started to crack. The only way we figured it out was to narrow down what she was doing before the problem started and then have her stop using everything on her hands that she did not use on the rest of her (since the only offended place was her hands) like lotions and the hand soaps. We changed her over to a hypo allergenic bar soap and with in a few days she was improving, and we added back the hand soap and with in a half hour the itching was back.

Your daughters problem could still be dust. After the cleaning she did better, but dust comes back. If she sat on the carpet with shorts on, she might have come into contact with dust again on her legs. We run into this problem regularly. We do a deep clean and break out for a few days, then improve unless we use an allergy tablet before getting started cleaning. But we have to do the cleaning again. I use my sensitivity to remember to clean the furnace filter...when I start itching especially on my face and eyes and nose, I know it is time to clean the filters again.

Oh and one more thing, allergies definitely make me more thirsty. The increase in drinking water may be a sign that she is being exposed to a greater amount of dust or what ever is the cause and that another deep clean is necessary.

We have found that Zyrtec is the best allergy medication for us, but you may need to try a few different ones before you find the right one.

Good Luck, Linda
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replied June 14th, 2013
I think so too. Something in the water but not the water itself...
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