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I think my boyfriend may have a bipolar disorder...someone help!

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So I have been with my boyfriend for about 2 years now and I moved in with him within the first couple months we met. Everything was fine when we met and he made it seem like he was a great guy. Then I come to find out he was e-mailing girls behind my back. He said that he only did it because I wouldnt give him the attention he wanted. So i suckered up and gave him another chance. We have had a very rocky relationship. He is verbally abusive on a normal basis (probably 4X a week). I made a bad choice a few months ago and dragged us both down with the law and now we are facing court stuff and he said that he wants to work it out but all he does is call me names and make me feel like Im a horrible person when I know that Im not. I find myself crying in a closet...anywhere to get away from him! He follows me talking so much "crap" until I crack and break down. Then I walk away and an hour later he is fine and calls me drama and says I just like to hold onto things. Its so hard b/c I feel like I need to stand up for myself and put a stop to this. Its a tough situation b/c my parents are renting out his house and we live with each other now. It just seems like I cant say anything to him, he's like a walking time bomb just waiting to explode. I know that his mom takes a lot of medication and I believe she may be bipolar. I read that it does run in the family. I would love for him to get checked but when I bring it up he says that Im the bipolar one. Its so challenging. Whenever I turn him down in bed he gets in this horrible rage and we have a huge fight and he says the meaniest things to me. He expects me to just forget about it the next day. Its hard b/c he isnt great at communicating and whenever I bring something to his attention he always just starts yelling at me. He has pushed me around and now he says that he has changed b/c he's not "as bad" as he used to be. But thats not fair b/c he's comparing himself to an overly abusive person! If something bothers me I can NEVER say anything. Or if I cry he calls me so many names. Im at witts end. He doesnt have health insurance so its not like we can make an appointment with a doctor to get checked.
Does anyone know if there is help for someone with no insurance? Im unsure on the next steps to take.
Thank you so much!!!
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replied August 3rd, 2011
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hi, not that u want to hear this, but find a better mate in life
do u want to be without children
or r u willing to risk giving a life long mental illness to YOUR CHILD with him
if he had AIDS would u be looking for reasons to plan a life together
if he treated your mother and father the way he treats u would u be asking questions; BECAUSE he is suppose to love and respect u WHILE mom and dad don't have that honor, is he going to somehow be different with them, or your child
hope u figure it out
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replied August 4th, 2011
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Hi and welcome to ehealth: If you don't get along with him then move on...Very often two people move in together and it doesn't work out...This doesn't make one bipolar, it instead makes two people that don't see eye to eye...IMO, you can't label someone having a disability because of his parents having a possibly problem...My best advice is to find another, enjoy life and live...Take care...

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