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I think I saw the rapid test come back positive so...

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So I got an HIV rapid test at the Health Department at 6weeks it was NEG and then at 12 weeks the nurse said it was NEG but I think she was lieing because she thinks I would hurt myself and I think I saw the rapid test come back positive so I went and got home acess test at 12 weeks and it was NEG but I think it was only 1 or 2 generation so maybe it didnt show, My aniexty then got really bad so I went to the Hospital and got an HIV test dont at 5 months and I had to pick results up at medical records and it was Nonreact but I have a feeling the health department changed it because they are waiting to tell me anyways if the healthdepartment is doing this to me I could pass the virus on because they are lieing what do I do? I happy I tested but everything now is a mess I had to unplug all my phones in fear of them calling, I hate when my dog barks I think they are at the door and I cant check mail:(
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replied April 27th, 2012
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hi there

yes you are crazy ,better to see cant change the result of any patient,and they will never do,this time go to another hospital .
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replied April 28th, 2012
You are OK.
Yes you are experiencing high anxiety and paranoia. You've had 3 tests and all were negative. You are not infected.

Bear in mind that medical professionals have EVERY reason to notify someone when they have an STD from a professional, ethical, legal and public health standpoint. And they will certainly do so to prevent someone who actually is HIV positive from inadvertently infecting others.

If you had it, they would certainly tell you.

You have nothing to worry about. AIDS isn't some kind of divine punishment for bad behavior. It's a pathogen. That said, if the possible consequences of your actions have you this upset you may want to evaluate your behavior and moderate the risk accordingly.
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