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I think I might have developed anorexia?

My name is Karla, Im 14 years old, I am 5'7, and I was 115 4 months ago. 115 was already a bit low for my height, but all I saw was fat. And I still think I could loose 15 pounds. But like I have home problems, like my sister had emotionally abused me for 3 years, but shes out of the house now, and my mom cant walk at all, and shes always in pain, and sick half of the time. I convinced her to homeschool me for 9th grade (which im in right now) and ever since then I go to cheerleading once a week, biology once a week, and a volunteer club every other week. I really really miss my friends and ever since about August I went from eating 1900 calories to 1100 calories, but that changed a few weeks ago. I now eat around 600-900 calories, and I have a HUGE HUGE fear of gaining weight because my mom, sister, brother, and both uncles are overweight, and its given me a huge complex. Today I ate 3 pancakes with syrup- 440 cal, A small fry from mcdonals- 230 cal, a glass of coke- 140 cal, and a piece of garlic bread- 180, and the beggining of a dip cone, and thats really good, but i kinda feel queasy. I only ate this much becuase my mom pressured me into eating mcdonalds. At cheerleading, i get tired and weak really easily, and my hands shake, and my skin is getting kinda yellow, and my hair is getting really hard to condition, like i use alot of conditioner but its still a little dry. I can see my hip bones, rib cage, and collar bone. If I sit up too fast, my vision will go gray and will come back within a few seconds. You know hoe Wii Fit boards weigh 11 pounds? Well I weighed myself on it, and it said 112, and I know i weigh less than that cuz my shirts are getting a little bit looser, and my bones are more pronounced, so im guessing i weigh around <108.When my sister saw my torso a few weeks ago, she said "God your anorexic! If you went to the doctor he'd say the same thing. You dont care about your health." And my mom is constantly trying to trick me into eating high fattening food. Im always cold lately, and theres also some really weird thin blonde hairs on my jaw bones, and my arms. I asked my friends about it. I said, "Im around 110 pounds, even though im 5'7, and when i eat more than 1100 calories, I feel like throwing up, or i throw up unintentionally. I think I might want to see my family physisian.And my mom cannot find out, cuz she has enough problems already. Any advice???
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replied November 20th, 2012
I agree that it would definitely be to your benefit to see your physician about this, or anyone really. Does the school you go to for biology and cheerleading have a guidance counselor you could speak with?
It's nice that you want to prevent giving your mother additional strife, but if you continue this way your health will surely deteriorate Sad You deserve better than that, and it would be better to talk to your mother now instead of when it's too late.
Best of luck! Smile
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