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I think I might have a parasite (worm) in my penis

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I was taking a bath yesterday and after a hour I noticed about 2 or 3 sink worms (they're black colored ) under the water I immediately got out .. After a while I remembered a program where there was a case where a worm could actually get inside of through your penis a while later my penis starting itching there a really minor recurring itch since then. There's no pain no change in appearance either I feel about normal.

So I'm wondering if there might be a parasite eating me away and causing me to itch since the bath or if it just fear that eating me and the itch is not nothing to do with the worms also this might not have any indication if there are worms in me but Ive masturbated since that bath and I ejaculated less then half then I usually do though Ive been masturbating a lot this few days so that my be the reason and just coincidence adding to my anxiety (unfortunately). So what happens if there's in fact worm inside me there (penis) is it treatable and what are other signs on me having worms inside me that ensure me that I do have them in me please someone reply quickly Ive been stressed since that bath .. Sad
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replied December 31st, 2012
inreal the black worm may be from the bathroom insect called drain fly.The parasite in penis in real life is called trichomonas vaginalis and it difficult to visible in naked eye because it is very small in size and can visible under microscope.Dont worried about that worm,the itching may be from irritation or allergic or from fungal infection and all are treatable.
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