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I think I have Schizophrenia.......

Hi, I'm 13 years old, and I hear Voices in my head telling me very hurtful things. Sometimes I have the strange feeling that I wan't to hear myself and the people around me, sometimes it gets worse and i have unusual thoughts.. I also sometimes Feel that there are people out to get me... or people following me. A few months ago my sister came home talking about a few mental disorders she learned about in health, When She read the packet at the dinner table one night, and i heard about Schizophrenia, i did some research, and I think I might have it.. I'm scared to tell my mom, because I don't know what she would think if she found out.. please help!
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First Helper theoasis77

replied July 16th, 2012
You need to get diagnosed. Then you will see what you have. You might have that or something else.
Don't be scared to talk to your parents and tell them exactly what you wrote here. It's hard, but you will have a better life if you do.

Talking to someone is the first thing you need to do.
Then see a doctor and so on...

You can't run away from what you feel, so, you need to know right away before it get's worst and only damages your life.
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replied July 28th, 2012
teenage years are really a confusing and hard times for every kid. i feel sorry you seem to have confused yourself, but im sure 99% of teenagers display many symptoms of mental illness, its part of growing up. things become a mental illness when they start to distrupt your life, job, relationships etc, as a teenager you either dont have these responsibilities or teenagers just generally have temporary dispruptions.
I used to think i could make deals with god in my head and would draw pictures all over my walls and teachers sent me to sum couselor, psychologist who i told to piss off. then a year later i had non of these problems. then i had several years where i did all normal teenage stuff and had fun, if theyd have diagnosed me id have not been able to get over it. at 13 years old if u had mental issues bad enough to cause big enough problems it would have been noted by an adult and even then would probly still be a teenage thing. teenage years are really a confusing and hard times for every kid.
please do not go get diagnosed with something, which is terrible advice for a 13 year old! speak to family or friends about any specific issues IE vioces in your head and youll find out everybody does, if you go to a docs at your age theyll diagnose you with somethibng as they would anyone and you wont be able to live and do all the good stuff teenagers do.
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replied July 28th, 2012
Although....if you do have feelings of harming yourself or someone else as a mom i would suggest seeking help. Talk to your parents as oasis said & as your parents they'll lead you to the correct path. Good luck hun.
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replied July 30th, 2012
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