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I think I have a yeast (candida) gut infection.

I have recently suggested yeast infection as the source of my problems to my GP. He strongly resisted the idea that this could be the cause of my symptoms even though I showed him the list and I check almost all of them (excluding genital related symptoms). I have now done the home blood test and got a positive result! This test looks for antibodies for C. albican, C. glabrata, C.tropicalis and C.parapsilosis. My next move is to visit my doctor tomorrow morning and show him this result. I am going to insist that he does his own tests and investigations into Candida as the cause of my illness but I am worried he will still resist as he strongly resisted this idea when I last saw him. I am also concerned at the possible duration I have had this infection for if indeed I do have it. If he confirms I have this then I am expecting to be given some kind of medication.
I would greatly appreciate some advice as to any steps I should take and how I should deal with my doctor. It sounds like the NHS just doesn’t understand gut yeast infections. If so how am I supposed to recover?
Please see below a bit of history on me and the symptoms I have which led me to purchase the home blood test kit.

My Symptoms:
Carbohydrate craving,
Impaired memory,
Poor concentration,
A “foggy” brain with feelings of unreality,
General weakness
Back pain,
Inhalant allergies - Worse hay fever than normal,
Loss of self-confidence or self esteem

Flatulence (gas),
Toenail fungus
Loss of libido,
Heart arrhythmias,
Twitching when I relax
Blurry vision, spots before the eyes
Irritability, can have a very short fuse, impatient.
Crying or emotional spells
Feeling of being drunk or inebriated

My History:

March - Slow degrading of my abilities, physically and mentally.
For about 6 months before I visited Egypt I noticed my abilities were slowly degrading. I was very active. Cycling to work, football, scating, ice hockey, jogging amongst other things on a weekly basis. I began finding it harder and harder to achieve the level of performance I could usually manage. If I did not treat my body extremely well it would struggle to perform during activity.

September - Sickness following a trip to Egypt
Having had a great week in Egypt I returned sick. I was constantly ill with flu like symptoms for 2 - 3 months. This forced me to make a concerted effort to understand why my body was letting me down.

January - Diagnosis of Haemochromatosis.
It looked like I had found my problem, too much iron in my body. My levels were high but not dangerously so. The doctors did not think that such levels should cause such tiredness in me.

January - Treatment for 9 months
For 9 months I gave a pint of blood every two or three weeks to lose the iron.

September - Recovery time for 3 months
With my iron levels back down my nurse was puzzled as to why my energy had not returned. My bloated gut was the other main symptom along with the fatigue but this can be as a result of haemochromatosis so we expected it to go but it didn’t.

January - 6 months of investigations
In an attempt to solve my problem my GP and the local hospital explored the idea that it could be a mental issue, depression / anxiety. A diagnosis was also made of IBS following investigations that turned up nothing.

July - Finally googled my main symptoms
I had hoped the doctors would solve this problem for me as I really struggle to cope mentally at the moment. My ability to think is much reduced and I have a very foggy head almost all of the time. In the end I googled my symptoms and everything pointed to a Candida yeast gut infection. I purchased a home blood test kit. The result was positive.

Thanks for reading,
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