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I think i have a std..

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Well to start off, i am 18 and had made out with a girl at a party. Now a week later, I notice a sore on my upper lip, I ruled it out to be getting hit in the mouth with a stick, but now my lips are chapped, I have another crack on my upper lip, my taste buds on my tongue are red, and there are red bumps underneath and on the sides. I do chew tobacco, and never really looked at my tongue too hard and have been chewing alot lately. But this is starting to scare me bad. I looked at symptoms and narrowed it down to syphilis or herpes, or over paranoia. What do red bumps on tongue, chapped lips, and sores mean Shocked I think my life is almost ruined
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replied May 17th, 2009
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the first sign of syphilis is a chancre sore..its usually painless but you'll definitely see it, look up pictures or something...i doubt you have this anyway but just educate yourself..herpes you COULD have gotten..its herpes simplex 1 which is transmitted through kissing,sharing drinks etc..if you kissed her and she had a sore in or around her mouth then you could have gotten it..also..chewing tobacco can and will cause irritation to the mouth..i suggest trying to limit your tobacco chewing if you can bc theres a good chance that it will lead to cancer..which is by far way more concerning than herpes of the mouth
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