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i think i had implantation bleeding?

i got my period the 9th of last month now its the 9th of this month!still no period but i did spot for 3 days starting on the 4th of this month to the 6th very dark brown and dark red did not fill the liner. i took a test the 7th and it was positive.i went to the doctors today and it was negative so i got a blood test done and im waiting for the results.but i have been so bloated so bad to where i look 2 months pregnant then it goes away lowly or i would have to fart or burp just to get some relief but i still always feel full! i feel like i always have to go to the bathroom (number 2)all the time it so annoying i cant stop farting!my lower abdominal were sore for three days so was my whole back.and now my feet hurt i cant stand for too long when i walk it feels like ive been standing for hours!i cant stand or walk around for too long because i get really tired like i was walking for hours if i do i feel like i will pass out and i feel lightheaded. my vagina was a lil sore and tmi but i have noticed that my vagina is really tight and i have watery first i did not want sex now i want it all the time.i get so moody i got mad because my boyfriend was too tired to have sex.its weird i know when someone is taking a shower i can smell the water from upstairs its so weird.i just am so tired that i cant workout anymore so i lay around.i have trouble sleeping i stay up til 5am everyday then sleep all day and take naps all day.when i take any kind of shower i cant stand for too long without wanting to pass out and the water is never too hot i use to take hot showers now i cant!my appetite has seems like my stomach is always growling like i don't get enough food like soup does not fill me up anymore.i get hungry all the time even more in the morning or at night but not feeling for food.but when i get the food i get hungry i know confusing.i get sick after i eat.sometimes i get sick after sex. so i don't know just waiting if the test comes out negative then ill just wait and see if i get bigger or wait another week.

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everyone says if your boobs don't hurt your not prego mine don't hurt they feel heavy and it looks like i have little dots on my boobs i have heard of them before in pregnant women.they are not darker but i think the aerolas are bigger but i don't always look at my boobs

ok and i think i had implantation bleeding cuz it was three days and it was dark brown not enough for a liner but i still wore one cuz sometimes i would get some on there at night hen i slept!
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replied March 16th, 2011
you sound pregnant
you definitely sound pregnant to me.
implantation bleeding is different with every woman. they say it should only last an hour to two days as light pink or brown spotting, but there are plenty of women who say otherwise.
if you got a negative at the doctors office with the urine test it was probably not as concentrated as fmu (first morning urine). you'll probably get a positive blood test. if not, some women just have a low hcg (pregnancy hormone) level longer than others.
if you get a negative and you really think your pregnant try and insist on an ultrasound to see for sure.
im not trying to get your hopes up, theres a possibility your not pregnant, but who really knows besides a doctor.
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replied March 1st, 2013
Am I pregnant?
I need help as well. I am having the same time. I had my period from Febuary 15th - February 18th. My husband and I had unprotected sex on Feb 5th, 12th, 17th, 23rd, and 24th. I have been really tired and emotional. I had bright red blood and clear discharged together on Feb 28th. Then this morning March 1st, i had pain on my right side. It did not last long it was kind of like have a side cramp when you run and is out of shape. I dont have any pregnancy symptoms, except for my boobs are a little sensitive and i always feel wet down below. I have not taken a test yet, because my period is not suppose to be here until March 11th. Please help, thank you.
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