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I think I am suffering of health anxiety...

Hello...I think I am suffering of health anxiety...about several months ago I started to have some breething problems, I went to several doctors but they all said I am quite healthy (I used to smoke for 7 years and I thought I had tough problems with my lungs) I was constantly googling different diseases and often found worst sympthomes in me...that all resaulted I found out about CT and went to a clinic where a doctor made me believe I really needed that test...of course scan showed I am absolutley healthy...but now I found out that ct is dangerous and can cause cancer years after the exposure!!! I almost fell on my chair reading all that sort of material on internet about this procedure!!! the doctor said the scanner was modern and I have nothing to worry about but I can't stop googling all those researches on computing tomography where all what is written on this topic is bad...I really can't get rid of a feeling like now I am constantly being in danger...I feel very sorry I went there and how shall I live now with this feeling...often most bad outcomes I imagine...I don't know what to do and how to get calm over this bad topic of CT...some people say that even a single scan is of a great danger some say that a single scan can't lead to something horrible...anyway I don't know whom to believe to and I feel very stressed after all this and very scared...
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replied January 31st, 2016
You may have been told 'The individual risk is very small and is far outweighed by the benefit of the diagnosis, provided the scan is clinically justified.'

A CT scan can offer valuable details that can then lead to life saving treatments. My last CT scan I had a discussion with my Doctor regarding the risks. She explained the risk in detail and asked how I felt about them. I thought to myself about stomach cancer and other cancers of the digestive tract I could possibly have. I also thought about the list if information that would be obtained by the scan for the doctors.

Long story short, I had the CT scan. Has my chance of developing cancer increased? Perhaps it has. I can't be in fear though.

Studies have also shown that yes, there is an increase in the risk of cancer. This is a 'risk.' Not a definite. It's understandable to be nervous or scared but from what I've read and talked about with doctors I feel like the risk was worth it for me.

Your fears and concerns are legit. Careful is always worst case scenarios popping up....

Be well,
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replied February 1st, 2016
I understand you..but the thing is that I've been told that the scan is 100% safe...only later I found out about downsides...they just wanted to make money and lied to me...most people say a single scan can't do any least they console me. I know that in America for some reason people undergo scans very often and most people have had at least a single scan in their my country it's not like that but still doctors sometimes order scans...I went there on my own initiative...I feel sorry to be so naive to blindly believe that doctor. The only thing for me is now to try to live a healthy life and to believe in good...and never google anything...all on the internet is bad, almost everything...yet I don't know how to overcome this fear:( I'll try not to think about it
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