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I think doctors don't know much about mono.

Ok so it's been 3 month. I do feel better. I never had the swollen lymph nodes. My mono symptoms were more neurological, like body ache all over, tremors in hand and feet, extreme weakness which I could barely walk, heaviness in arms and legs, dizziness. I do feel better but I keep getting the body aches not as severe as before, also the heaviness in legs and stuffs too. And dizziness !!! I keep asking my doctors and they say " oh those are not symptoms of mono, mono symptoms are sore throat, swollen lymph modes and fever. Like flu symptoms. I am concerned and scared. If those are not mono symptoms what is it that I have. Oh and I forgot about the twitching in my legs. I had an MRI and ct scans and is normal. Please I need help. Has anyone had these symptoms? Did they went away?
Also I read that mono causes multiple sclerosis and autoimmune Deseases!! I am scared because I had neuro symptoms .
I am 26 female. Also I had a UTI infection which I took antibiotics and I had sinus infection and I had to take antibiotics again. I am scared that mono+infections+ct scans all in 4 month my body is in danger of developing cancer,als or ms in the future. Please help. Are these symptoms normal. Did you get your life back, relapse? Etc?
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replied November 18th, 2012
I have the heaviness in my arms and legs too occasionally. It feels like I have pressure in my head or am really foggy. My neck is stiff and sometimes feels like something is swollen.but I can't feel anything with my hands. I suspect I had mono for several months but was just recently diagnosed when my fatigue became worse. I hope we both recover soon.
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