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I think clinic used dirty needles to draw my blood.

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Dear. Dr

It would be very appreciated if you help me out.
On last October I had virginal intercouse with sex worker with out protection. Since than I've been going crazy about getting infected with hiv. All the people telling me symptoms can not diagnose HIV but more and more I search google I have the all the symptoms until now.
I test out until 27weeks 4days All negative.
But still convince that I'm hiv Possitive.
When I when for my 3month HIV Elisa test I think clinic used dirty needles to draw my blood. When I got my blood drawn I did not see nurse pull out new needles. It was opened and sitting on the desk. I did not realize that time cause my anxiety of test but after I start thinking about it. I called them asked of course they said no but still worries me. am I crazy to think that they used dirty needle on me? If they used dirty needle on me than my window period changes right?
About two weeks ago I started having sore throat when to see doctor they said nothing wrong.

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