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i see no reason in life..... you go to school to go to college you go to college to get a good job to pay off your college bills and pay for living your gonna die anyways why not just end it??
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replied September 6th, 2011
Don't end it. Seriously, there are loads of things to live for. There's sunshine, and laughter, and love. Life doesn't have to be just school/college/job. There are so many things you can do with your life. Also, I'm sure there are people that love you, and you probably love someone too. Imagine how devastated those people would be if you weren't there anymore.

This might not mean anything to you if you can't see the point in living any more, and I get that. Everyone feels like that sometimes, and some people feel it more frequently and intensely then others. So maybe you won't believe me when I say it gets better and this will pass, but it does and it will. Cheesy as that is to put into words.

I suggest you seek help from somebody, a psychologist, a therapist, and also just friends and family. You aren't alone, there's always someone out there who will listen and help.

(this post feels somewhat cliched, but I hope it helps a little)
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