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I really want to rule out kidney stones...

Hi, I am a 22 year old male and have been having these symptoms since december 2013. Basicly, it started off with the habit of going to the washroom several times in the day which I believe was due to me drinking lots of water. I should note that I wasnt the healthiest eater up until around July of 2013. I am tall(6'4) and weigh 135 pounds. I have visited my doctor on several occasions because I get dehydrated despite drinking enough fluids and I seemed to urinate frequently.

My first visit was at the walk-in clinic where I received a urine sample test for e-colie and a urine culture. The tests came back negative. I then visited my main DR who took a urine sample and found nothing. He also tested me for various STI's which I know I dont have since I am monogamous with my partner. I told him I was petrified of possibly having kidney stones, he assured me that I would be likely feeling pain if this were the case. He also advised me that I may be drinking abit too much water so I decreased the amount I was drinking. Its hard to perfectly estimate the amount I was taking but I tried to aim for 5-7 cups per day as he instructed. About two weeks later I started panicking and felt alot of anxiety, I really thought I had a kidney stonse since nothing was changing and just wanted to rule it out, especially considering that I am still having the symptoms. I feel like ever since that day I sometimes get an odd burning feel after urinating after eating protein... Its somewhat mild, but I definately feel it, and my urine is cloudy and more frequent after eating protein It could be from the amount I am taking? For instance I had a full chicken breast today and felt the burning an hour or so after. This may be from not drninking enough water though since i believe I reduced abit too much at first... Im still not sure on this one.

I visited my doctor again and he found that the protein in my urine was high so he advised me to take an abdominal ultrasound to check for stones, kidney size etc... The ultrasound came back negative however and I should also mention I had blood tests done for diabetes. Everything came back negative yet again and I was feeling pretty good after the ultrasound and began regulating my water intake and on some days I feel good but others not so much(Im feeling a link with the bad days being mostly around 4PM after eating a meal with protein)

At this point its really stressing me out and Im going to see a urologist but that will take months, I feel like this will drive me insane before then.. can anyone with a similar experience possibly shed some light? I really want to rule out kidney stones as this has been a fear of mine for so long now and I still have no idea.. I feel no pain(aside from the burning), see no blood in my urine and am always looking for anything everytime I go, even the smallest grain of sand to at least ease my conscious. If I had a stone that was small, would I feel it coming out? what would it feel like? How long can it take to pass if it isnt large?

I thank anyone who can contribute to this in anyway as this is an ongoing issue that is severally impacting my life.

EDIT: I wanted to mention that the burning happens after eating beef or chicken from what I have noticed. Hop this helps.
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replied June 12th, 2014
Hello, and thank you for your medical question on e Health Forum.

Based on the history provided it does not seem that you have kidney stones. The negative ultrasound done, also rules out renal stones. Hence there is no reason to think about them anymore.

Furthermore, some important information about the presentation of renal stones has been provided to help you understand.

Pain that originates due to renal issues (Stones, infection) is episodic , spasmodic or colicky in nature, originating in the flank and radiating to the lower belly, inner thigh or the testicles. It is associated with other symptoms like nausea, vomiting and systemic features due to any infection.

Renal pain does not resolve with change in position nor with adequate rest and can even cause sleep disturbances.

Renal colic may not respond to moderate or high doses of OTC pain killers and may need immediate medical attention with IV medications or Narcotic analgesics.

Renal infections can produce findings on urinalysis including increased turbidity, proteinuria, red cell casts, increased pus cells, etc.

In case, you still have concerns, it would be recommended to consult a psychiatrist who can counsel you and relieve your anxiety.

I hope this helps.
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replied June 30th, 2014
Make sure you get enough electrolytes! You need a balanced potassium/sodium level in your body. You make also have a weak bladder like me. (Ct scan actually showed weakening in the walls of my bladder). I also have a floating kidney which causes pain in the front of my sided. It also causes heartburn from what i read. Therefore you can get the signs of kidney stones just not as intense and you wont pee anything out. Feels like a constant pinching/dull ache/pressure by belly button or wherever the kidney floated to.
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