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I pop my back and neck a ton due to adderall tic

Ok so I'm a teenager, Ive been having neck and back pain . I've been taking adderall for like 2-3 years and When I first started taking it , it would give me bad ticks. When ever I got ticks the most common thing to do would be to pop my neck, so I guess that is what started this. But anyway... My back and neck pretty much hurt everyday, Like an aching pain. On my neck the pain is on the back and side of the neck. So whenever my neck is hurting I will pop it and doing so pretty much releases all my pain and makes it feel alot better. Same with my back, my pains are in my lower back going up to the middle. So everyday I pop my back and neck a ton because if I don't, then my back and neck will continue to ache all day. And I don't know if this matters, but my bones pop really easy... Not just my back and neck , but alot of other bones. Just doing pushups my shoulders will pop. So should I be worried about this?
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