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I often feel tired and discomfortable, sleepy...

I don't want to put an unsure name on my condition because I am not sure if it fits in a well know named condition. Rather than that I'd like to describe it in detail and let you name it.

I had done heart stress test twice and the last time wad done 2 years ago after I complained chest uncomfortableness. THe heart stress test was excellent and the heart was strong and no sign of clog at all on and around heart.

In the last 6 months I often feel tired and discomfortable on chest. I often feel sleepy. My chest feels tired. It seems my inhale has no power and is very weak at rest. My chest does not raise but fall down deeper and deeper and it seems there is weak pressure inside my chest than outer pressure as I sit in chair. If I intentionally take a deep and long inhale I feel fresher and less sleepy. But it's not natural to keep doing that intentional deep and long inhale. Many times I sat there and the inhale became weak and unnoticed by me and I almost fell in sleep. And suddenly (probably) my heart took a beat that is noticable much stronger than usualy and woke me up. I felt some discomfort on the heart area but was also refreshed a little. A few minutes later I felt sleepy and tired again. I also experienced when I laid down on bed when I was very tired and sleepy. My blood pressure is borderline high and my heart rate is about 60. My cholestoral level is also borderline high. My overall health is OK. I can ran a half marathon any way between 2.5 - 3 hours.
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replied July 23rd, 2012
So, what's this? Thanks.
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