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i need your ladies help . im ttc i may be pregnant

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i am trying to conceive my first child . ive been trying july and august . in july i had intercourse threwout my fertile time and also in august my cycle was way different in august . my family has told me i could be pregnant and still have a period . if i conceived in july during my fertile time i would be 11 weeks right now . my bottom stomach is sticking out i have tender and sore breats back pain headaches here and there . i am eating alot more . im also very tired ive developed acne and I now have white dots on my nipples. Can some ladies give me an opinion please ive taken two tests and they came back negative but I took them a while ago so if it was to early I would get a negative .
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replied September 22nd, 2011
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You can't have a period and be pregnant if that was the case it would be a miscarriage. You CAN however have vaginal bleeding and be pregnant. Vaginal bleeding and periods are two different things.

You should consider taking another pregnancy test if that comes back negative, then see your doctor and ask for the blood pregnancy test
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