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I need to know... my family would disown me...

To whom it may concern,

I need clarity and I'm terrified to face it Sad In August 2012 I developed a painful little patch of blisters in the crease of my vagina. the blisters were gone with in a couple hours and it took me a few days to go to the doctors. what made me finally go to the doctors was the area still hurt when I walked. The doctor noticed I had a bit of discharge and took a swab and it came back with a yeast infection. I've gotten std tests that have all come back negative but I didnt know you have to request a herpes test.... I haven't had anything since then and its almost been a year and I'm not on any type of medication... I've always had problems with constant yeast infections and I've been reading about yeast infection blisters.... they aren't common but do exist. give it to me straight someone... anyone. I live in a family that would disown me if I ever contracted something as devistating as herpes. I've been reading about a cure coming out in 2016 its in the second stage of testing with a 75% accuracy rate so far. im honestly horrified and I cant bring myself to deal with those days of agony after I get the blood work. Im terrified :'(
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replied April 11th, 2013
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Hi fml123....Please tell your doctor that you want to be tested for this...A doctor and patient information is strictly private...Nobody would know this but you...Don't wait until 2016 before you do something...Take care...

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replied April 16th, 2013
I'm scared to find out! scared isn't even the right word! My family would view me as a disease ridden Sk*nk if I ever contracted something like this. I'm horrified to know... how often do people get out breaks? this is seriously eating at me Sad
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replied April 16th, 2013
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Your family don't need to know.
It is as simple as that. What goes on in your underwear is your business and yours alone.

The truth about herpes is about one out of five people could be carrying the virus and don't know; even members of your immediate family could be carrying the virus.

The virus is the same one that causes chicken pox, shingles and cold sores.
Infection is caused by contact with an infected person who is infectious.
It is possible to self-infect by transferring the virus from a cold-sore.
The virus lives in the nerves of the infected area and lays dormant until the carrier's immune system is lowered by other illness, being run down or suffering from stress or anxiety.

Just like with a cold sore a person is only infectious when suffering an attack.
An attack is often signalled by a tingling of the area, a sore throat or other symptom an individual will learn to recognise. Today there is medication available to minimise or even prevent an attack. Unfortunately not every attack produces blisters that are visible to the naked eye.

If you live a fairly stress-free life and have a healthy lifestyle and are reasonably fit you might never have an attack - just like with a cold-sore.

Being a carrier of the herpes virus is unlikely to be debilitating or seriously curtail your social life or later family life. Lots of support and advice available but you need to know whether you are carrying the virus or not.

Good luck!
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