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I need my niece and nephew in my life

Im upset because of an incodent today. My brother and his wife are going to ban me from seeing my niece and nephew. I love them so much but they won't listen to that my whole family just say well you should of thourt of that before you did what you did.
Theres this girl I know whos nieces and nephews absolutly adour her. I hate how Im never going to have that with mine because there never going to see me again. And my nephew is so gorgeous I just can't bear not seeing him.
I feel so scared and upset and I hate how there is no one here to save me or help me. I have no friends to turn too. Yet another friend has dumped me. And everyone just blames me when it isen't my fault. I can't help who I meet or what the person I make friends with is like.
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replied May 8th, 2010
Trust me when I say that they are your neices/nephews parents. You need to stay away from them because they are NOT your children. Never will be. Your friends dumping you shows complications in your life and i suggest therapy (not a mean way do i mean this but in a please trust me on this when I say I am trying to help you) It's not normal to have a strong attachment to them like this. Honestly, neices/nephews are hardly family. They're your brothers and wifes kids. You have no responsiablity and you're not related but your brother is. Your only related through your brother. If you love children then have some of your own someday with your own husband. I'm sorry but if you did something, or something even happened near you. Be the adult, be respectful towards their decision, and realize nowhere on here can do anything to help you. But tell you to get help for yourself.

replied August 5th, 2010
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There this girl I know whos really attached to her nieces and nephews so why isen't anyone telling her to stop been so attached?
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