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I need honest people to tell me the survival rate

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My grandmother is 67 years old. She is on oxygen, has diabetes and is severely overweight. 95% of her heart is blocked and she is to undergo a triple bypass surgery next month. I just need some honest people/doctors/nurses to tell me what he survival rate of the surgery is...please. gosign
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replied May 28th, 2012
I am 63 years old. I am a Vet with 80% disability from Agent Orange; diabetics, heart problems. I just had a five way by-pass and I feel great. They told the success rate is around 82%. My open heart operation was done at the Kooteney medical Center in Couer d'Alene, Id. Most of the 18% patient they lose is the ones that have heart damage as well as plugged arteries.
I guess a lot has to do with your health and attitude. I was 5'6" and 199lbs. I had for the last eight years felt bad with chest pain trouble breathing and such. I had a hard time exercising after a heart stent three years ago. Now I feel like I can start walking and I want to get back to jogging witch was something I enjoyed. I have dropped 14 lbs or so. They tell you that most patient loose about 10 lbs when they go through the surgery; that's what I lost in the hospital in six days. My appetite is slowly coming back, but I am in no hurry. I would like to get to about 170lbs or so. I am at 188lbs right now. You will be in my prayers
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