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I need help to help my brother! Schizophrenia has taken over

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I need help to help my brother before he gives up on life, he just turned 21 on the second of November. For the past year to be exact my little brother has been experiencing hearing voices, depression, having delusions, hallucinations and sleeping problems. Last year at this time he opened up to us about being depressed and feeling alone, he mentioned something to me that I will never forget to this day and this is what made me truly realize something was wrong. When he looks in the mirror and when he see's a picture of himself he really does not see himself, its a different person. Within a few months later it got worse all the sudden he starts to hear voices. First it was real soft and distant and like one or two people talking to each other, they were having a conversation about him. When he confronted them, he made them aware that he knew they were there. Then they grew to several people now up to hundreds. These are the what the voices first started to say: "Your the king! Your so amazing, eww why do you look like that", "We love you, your family is out to get you!" Your the King, your remarkable." Then eventually it lead to them making comments about his personal time to himself like going to the bathroom, showering and changing.
Around Thanksgiving of last year I had to take him to the emergency room because we thought he was going to commit suicide. When the doctor found out that he wasn't maintaining his personal hygiene they "pink flagged" him and submitted himself to the psych ward and on suicide watch for 10 days. He hated all of us... he hated me. When he was released I saw him that day and he hugged me and gave me a card to thank me. Now a year later the same problems are still here, after seeing a psychologist several times a month... tried 2 different medications, my little brother is getting worse. Its November 8th and I just got off the phone with him, I truly believe that phone call was to say goodbye.

We talked of all the problems and as scary as it seems this is all real to him. These voices are still there, still makes comments on his everyday life, tell him we are out to get him and tell him he's worthless some days and others brilliant. The worst of it all, now he sees and hears "demons". I remember when he was 9 or 10 yrs old he was sleeping on the couch and when he opened his eyes he saw a "blue demon". He ran up to my room so fast and hopped in bed with me. All these years later they are here and are here to hurt him. He believes in God and prays everyday...

I don't know what to do, he openly admitted that he wanted to kill himself because he cant handle it anymore. He says he wont because he doesn't want to die or leave us, but he cant sleep and or think. "As soon as I close my eyes the demons are there"

Please I need as much advice as I can get and suggestions.

He has never been on drugs other than pot and hasn't been on that since last yr. I don't want to lose my brother.

Thank you for taking the time out to read my story
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replied November 9th, 2011
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There are only a few ways to help a schizophrenic, meds if they truly need them, housing, food and drink, clothing them, helping them to be as healthy as possible, and giving them some kind've enjoyment, and an immense amount of understanding because it isn't their fault, just don't stick your neck out though, one has to find that line between understanding and safety. It's like a circus performers ever evolving balancing act except there isn't a net in this act.

But everything on this list goes for everyone, except for the psychiatric drugs.

Unfortunately though you can't make them non delusional, don't even try it's not worth it. But wait, we are all delusional, just don't look down and it shouldn't be a problem, just head for the end of the bridge.

It's funny the things we forget about our childhoods isn't it.
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