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i need help this is my first love & boyfriend

i have been with him for a year everything was amazing he told me he loved me like 8 times a day he always called and texted me most of the day and kissed me a lot! now i'll be lucky to get a i love u 1 time in 2 weeks i asked him about it he said he dont need to say it every day i asked him why he dont kiss me as much he said to tell you the truth i find it boring to kiss you for long than i said why do you not show me you love me he said nothing and than i said why are you even with me he said he loves me and wants to be ....... i dont know what think ... hes 32 im 25 / i had a lot happen to me in my life and so dose he i never had a BF b4 but he had a wife abd 4 GF be4 me and hes got a little girl that he never gets to see hes not the type that likes to open up as well and he dont like hmmmm you know sex / i dont know what to do all i know is he wasn't like that b4 piz piz piz help me
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