ok, so about 3 weeks ago me and my gf did for the first time, we were both virgins,we did it about 3 times that day, one time with out a condom, i didnt cum inside her, i pulled out(each time sucked it), but this is the third week since we did it, and she says she should have started her period by now, and we are both stressing an incredible amount, seeing as we are both still in high school, she's late on her period, she been throwing up in the morning, she's been getting headaches and she also says her breasts are tender, we plan on getting a pregnancy test either today or monday,
i need advice, or tips, anything, please, someone help me out?

i forgot to add, according to her she has had a couple of spotting incidents.
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replied November 24th, 2010
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Having sexual intercourse by using the "Pull-Out" method is NOT safe because you MAY not pull out on time and also pre-ejaculation contains a low amount of sperms ,enough to cause pregnancy. There is a risk of pregnancy, to be honest.
I strongly suggest to use protection and for her to keep a track of her periods !
Late period, vomiting,tender breasts are symptoms of pregnancy ! The sooner she gets tested ,the better !
Be careful next time.

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