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I might have OCD.

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I don't really know exactly what this is, all I know is that it reminds me of certain shows picking fun at OCD. Here is my problem.

I force myself to do certain things, the other day I just jumped over the large blue tile in my school in front of everyone. My thought process will go something like "if I don't jump this tile then I will fail that test". At first it didn't really bother me but now it is really starting to annoy me, its more and more frequent and I have a very hard time resisting the feeling.

The urges will range from jumping like a faerie during school to resisting to look at the message in a chocolate dove. I know how stupid acting like this is but then I think about what if it isn't stupid, sometimes it seems very real especially when it comes the penalty comes true.

What does this sound like? Is there some sort of thought process people use to get over it besides just numbing your brain with pills?
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replied April 17th, 2011
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