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I manage it with lime

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I am 39yr man who used to take ranitidine after nexium stopped working. I read one of the article that lime can cure the GERD and tried it. I took a week vacation to local cottage and dicontinued ranitidine and started drinking lime water that I made ,twice a day. It's working like a charm. Get a lime and cut in half and cut in one forth again, squeezed in a glass of water twice a day. I leave the rest of lime in refigerator. Worth to try.
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First Helper thewall70

replied October 14th, 2010
Cheers I'll give it a go. No wonder I like Mojitos so much and seem to be the only alcahol that doesn't make me sick! Does it turn into alkaline? because I thought limes were quite acidic.
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replied October 21st, 2010
Lime and Acid Reflux
the wall70 thanks for the tip my wife and I grow limes in our backyard and often flavor our water with a slice of lime.Recently I have noticed that the reflux hasn't been as bad.Starting today I will put the juice of 1/4 lime in my water twice a day.
Thanks. I may also increase the mojito intake.
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