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I'm ugly,lonely,depressed and never going to have a normal life.

I can't deal with everything anymore.

I'm 19 and ever since iv started school iv always being hated upon by everyone.I have no friends and never being in a relationship.Part of me thinks it's because I have aspergous syndrome and I'm dyslexia so people can notice I'm different as soon as they look at me.Im also extremely ugly to the point where I can't even go out to public places because people tend to stare at me and give me horrible looks so basically all I do Is stay home and go on my pc all day.

Im never going to have a job because I have extremely bad grades and all Iv being doing for the past three years is going to special need schools.

On top of all that my gran died a few months ago and my bamp is dying from cancer.

I'm never going to have a normal life because of the way I am and never going have friends,never going to find someone who loves because I'm to ugly,never going to drive and always going to look like I have learning difficulties.i cry every day because it's not fair that I'm so unlucky compared to most people.

I don't know what to do anymore
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