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i'm tired of this not being taken seriously.

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I am a 30 yr old female who has swollen painful lymph nodes all over. armpit, breast, neck, groin, behind the name it, I got it. I also have body aches all over, dizziness and fatigue. The dizziness started towards the end of July and at the timeI was sent to a ENT and Nuerologist neither of whom found any cause. The swollen nodes started towards the end of October with a painful armpit/breast area and have persisted until now. Have had alot of blood work done (CBC etc), been tested for HIV (negative) Epstein Barr (positive) but I dont have active mono, been tested for lupus and rhumatoid arthritis (negative) ct scan, chest xray, breast ultrasound and xray. I have NOT had any cold or flu like symptoms or fever. I feel terrible and i am getting really frustrated with my doctors. anyone have any ideas where to go next or what could be the cause of this? I miss feeling well and I'm tired of this not being taken seriously.
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replied July 7th, 2014
if you find out let me know
the same thing is happening to me
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