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I'm stiff, achy, tired, anxious, nervous, & a whole lot more

I was diagnosed with Lyme disease 2 months after my 2nd child, my kids are 12 months apart and my body was very weak.
I've come to find out that it's opened up a whole can of worms health wise, but I can not for the life of me find a dr that will help me.
I have state insurance, i am a single mother, and I'm broke.
I just turned 30, I've changed my life and eating habits towards a more healthy regimen.
I don't like medicine but am in Zoloft 100mg and have a long list of other prescribed meds that I refuse to take.
I'm stiff, achy, tired, anxious, nervous, & a whole lot more.
I have had a spinal tap and found that the fluid was cloudy with signs from an old case of mono I never knew I had, but thankfully nothing else.
I need help
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