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I'm Scared I might be pregnant

I wasn't having sex when this happened, but i'm 14 and I was giving my boyfriend at the time.. head and it was my first time doing it so i really wasn't sure what i was doing and when he got off it was on my hand but i wiped it off...but i touched myself(barely) to see if i was wet and i'm scared that his sperm made me pregnant! I haven't started my period yet and i'm 3 days late. My breast and kinda tender but i thought maybe they were growing and when i masturbate there is slight bleeding but when i stopped it stopped. I'm really scared that i'm pregnant and im just not ready to tell my parents that i'm sexually active.... Should i buy a pregnancy test? or does it sound like nothing?

oh and i have been tired some nights but recently i cant seem to fall asleep. so far no sickness and cravings.. i haven't noticed a change. PLEASE i'm so scared and defiantly not ready to be a mother!
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replied June 16th, 2011
Especially eHealthy

The chances of you being pregnant are very small. Though only one sperm actually fertilizes an egg, it has to have the help of many of its friends to break down the egg's protective corona.

But, if you are worried, do a pregnancy test. Read the back of the box as to when it is the ideal time to do the test.

Good luck. Remember, you should always have protection with you if you are considering sexual intercourse. You are the one who can get pregnant, and has to live with the consequences, so you have to be the responsible one. Have fun, but again be responsible.
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